ADU Myths Explained

In recent years, ADUs have been gaining a lot of attention in California. This, of course, comes with a degree of skepticism and pushback.

Below I’ve linked a helpful article from ADU Educator Maxable which debunks some of the most frequently referenced ADU “problems”. It’ll help you navigate rumors vs. reality when it comes to ADU concerns.

The Advantages of Factory Built Prefab ADUs

Prefabricated ADUs, which are built off-site and in advance, are gaining popularity in California. For many, opting for a prefab unit has significant advantages over building from the ground up. While stick-built ADUs are often more customizable, prefabricated options are less pricey, quicker, and more convenient for the same quality of work.

Here’s an interesting post from San Francisco-based ADU company Habitat ADU. It outlines some of the reasons why factory built homes are gaining popularity: climate-controlled construction, faster build time, consistent standards, and proven expertise.