ADU Cost

ADU prices are all over the map. Basement ADUs can cost as little as $30K, and an ADU that is detached can easily cost over $400K. So, it’s not a straightforward task to explain how much an ADU cost to build.

The cost of construction for the same structure can vary greatly depending on the builder, as well as what the current cost of labor and materials are in a given region. It will also largely depend on what type of structure we’re talking about. A basement ADU conversion is a totally different animal than a detached ADU. These factors all make estimating the “average cost of an ADU” impossible.

To further complicate matters, many homeowners defray their out of pocket expenses by putting in sweat equity, particularly during the finishing stages of construction. This labor contribution can help defray some of the out of the pocket costs of ADU development.

Internal Conversion$20-50k+
Basement Conversion$30-100k+
Garage Conversion$50-200k+
Above Garage/Attic$100-200k+
Attached Addition$100-250k+
Average Costs for Different ADU Types

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